Wild Stride Fitness 8-week Health & Fitness Challenge 9 July 2022

8-week challenge starts
saturday JUNe 1st!

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  • Unlimited Group Fitness classes
  • Body Composition Report/s
  • Receive weekly online access to your personalised nutrition plan
  • Reset your metabolism
  • Get leaner and look more toned
  • Clean up your nutrition
  • Personalised approach without the cost of 1:1 personal training
  • Small group fitness that makes you feel welcome and accountable
  • Feel fitter and stronger

All challengers are welcome to join our community Facebook Group – everyone in there is super supportive and we provide free health, fitness tips, and motivation.  Request and answer the questions to join at https://www.facebook.com/groups/wildstridefitness


(8 X $30 weekly instalments
or pay in full)
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Participants have shown great results with our challenges over the years, and we look forward to providing you the workouts and guidance along the way.


Astrid HAstrid H
04:28 07 Jul 22
I started with Greg when gyms were still closed & there weren't many options - otherwise outdoor exercise probably wouldn't have been my first choice.Turns out, it's actually great, with sheltered areas if it's raining. Cost effective too.I've had a few PTs over the years & Greg is without doubt the best - the most versatile, professional, offers creative variable workouts to keep it fresh, great communication - not to mention all round good guy!Highly recommend.
Brad CordinaBrad Cordina
07:28 24 May 22
Greg and the team at Wild Stride fitness provide a friendly and supportive environment to help reach your fitness goals. I've been a member for over 5 years and the variety and challenges of the sessions keeps me coming back. The team cater for all fitness levels and ensure that each participant is equipped with options to push themselves during each session. If you're looking for a membership to help get you back into shape, or to take you to the next level, I can't recommend Wild Stride highly enough!
Rubino LorisoRubino Loriso
03:56 19 May 22
I have been training with Wild Stride for many years and am extremely happy with the training program; which is both challenging and fun and never two sessions are alike. Greg is extremely professional and helpful; his experience and insights are great. My fitness has benefitted enormously since joining.
08:56 16 May 22
Greg is a legend. Each session is always different which keeps things fun. He caters to all levels in one class, so no matter your fitness you are guaranteed to get a good work out. I switched to outdoors because of the pandemic, and I’ll never look back - fresh air in the Ivanhoe/Heidelberg surrounds is an awesome way to workout! Highly recommend!
Ben MawbyBen Mawby
03:58 16 May 22
I have been using the services of Wild Stride for a couple of years now. The workouts are always challenging but achievable and Greg, the trainer, is always coming up with new and creative workouts so I am never bored. Wild Stride is also very flexible when it comes to unavailability and rescheduling when life gets in the way.I could not be happier with the service and recommend Wild Stride to anyone looking to improve their fitness and health.
Deb HoughtonDeb Houghton
11:17 15 May 22
Wild Stride Fitness offers excellent group fitness classes. I have found it's lots of fun, never boring and I've become fitter!The classes are held in the beautiful Heidelberg and Ivanhoe Parks on lush grassy ovals.A variety of class times, and class types allows me to choose something to suit my needs ( or whims).All the trainers give support and encouragement. They all put a lot of thought into what exercises, games or activities we will do each session. This ensures a good workout, something different each time and makes it enjoyable.Participants are very friendly and welcoming. I feel part of a supportive community.Wild Stride Fitness is really good value!
Fotini _FozFotini _Foz
01:27 15 May 22
Honestly, one of the best fitness groups around. It is a welcoming and supportive group with instructors who cater to all fitness levels and help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small (or seemingly impossible). Very highly recommend.
Olga TroyOlga Troy
00:11 15 Mar 21
Great group, excellent attentive trainers, wonderful sense of community. The variety of classes is great so there is something for everyone and all are outdoors in fresh air. Also there are additional special programs. Highly recommended.